10 days

Tomorrow marks 10 days until we will know if Baby Winslow is a handsome little man or a beautiful little lady. I am working on keeping myself busy getting ready for the Gender Reveal Party in order to distract myself. I am aware that “patience is a virtue” but patience (when it comes to my personal life) has never been my strong suit. Clint and I will go to Prenatal Peek on Thursday, July 25th to see our little one, but we will ask the ultrasound tech to keep the gender a secret. The tech will then contact The Sweet Spot, who will in turn make a fabulous cake for us to cut into with our friends and family on Saturday, July 27th to reveal if we will be bringing home a little girl or boy this December! Bailey and I are on Team Girl, but Clint is on Team Boy. Greatest thing about this rivalry is that we all end up winners in the end 🙂 

Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things.

 -Ecclesiates 11:5


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