Dear (16 year old) me,

Dear (16 year old) Brittni,

Up to this moment, your biggest life accomplishments have consisted of getting your license and making the cheerleading squad. You are happy, have a great group of friends, wonderful family (although siblings can really bug you sometimes most of the time), and your first real boyfriend. There are so many things that you will accomplish in your life, and so much you have yet to learn. In the next year you will prepare to go to college, and fingers crossed you will get in N.C. State. That has been your lifelong dream and seems SO far away right now.

If you had to guess what your life would be like in the next 10 years, you would probably say married, maybe thinking about children, and just getting settled into your career. I often think about what life would be like if..x, y, or z. Like..what if you knew that the person that you would see at the end of the aisle in 8 years was right under your nose the whole time? And nope, it’s not your current boyfriend. And what if I told you that that person was 2 years older than you..and on the football team that you cheer for? Now, you’re really talking crazy. Now what if I told you that you would run into this person several times over the next 5 years, but because you are dating someone else you don’t even think to bat an eye? You will see your future husband at music festivals (where he will shout your name out over the crowd), at your favorite local bar, and on your (not-so frequent) trips to UNC? You can call my bluff all you want, but it is what it is. Despite what your father says about how you will probably find your husband while you are in college and he will surely be from another city and probably another state, you can say, sorry Dad, your’e wrong. Your husband walks the same high school halls as you and worships in the same church. Your husband is the most phenomenal man that you have ever met and he makes you happier than you could ever dream, pray or imagine.

Now, I have often thought about how our life would be different had I known this striking fact as your ripe age of 16. On one hand, its easy to be disappointed about all of the time that you will miss out on by not making the realization earlier. But on the other (stronger) hand, God will place you in each other’s lives when He is ready for it.

In closing, remember to thank God each day for unanswered prayers. Trust in the Lord, as he has the perfect plan for you. You will be SURE that you have it all figured out, and then he will humbly put you in your place. The next 10 years are all about learning who you are, making mistakes, and experiencing (oh so many) “firsts.” First dates, first college exams,  first real jobs, first (and last) engagement and marriage, and now your first child. From 16 to 26…10 glorious years. I can only hope the next 10 years can be just as sweet.


(26 year old) Brittni


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