Week 1! 

We made it through the first week of being a family of 4 and I couldn’t imagine it going any more smoothly. Eleanor is a champion eater and sleeper, and big sister Brooklyn is loving her new role. Clint has been at home with us and we are so thankful for this time together as a family. Brooklyn has been enjoying going to school during the day which has helped keep some normalcy for her little world.

On Day 3, we made it out of the house for our first official family outing to church. Clint and I sat at the back with Eleanor and Brooklyn was able to get in some playtime with her church buddies. Although I had to make a trip to the Nursing Room during the sermon, the worship music included some of my favorites and warmed my soul. 

Eleanor and I have spent some good quality time together each night during our nightly feedings. She eats and snoozes, while I eat snacks and binge watch “The Mindy Project.” Win-Win 🙂 The past few nights I have had to wake her up every 3 hours to eat, otherwise she would sleep through her feedings. 

Did I mention this girl can eat? During the day, I am lucky if I make it 3 hours before she needs another feed.

Day 4 we had newborn and family photos with Southern Honeysuckle Photography. Eleanor, once she had a full belly, did great and was snoozy and overall pretty compliant. Sweet Brooklyn, on the other hand, had a pretty hard time following the game plan. Partially mommy’s fault in poor planning of having the pictures during nap time — fingers crossed that we got a few keepers in there! 

Bedtime routine is always a sweet, cuddly time at our house. I loved seeing these 2 girls snuggle up before the lights went out. Clint is already ready to bring home some bunk beds 🙂 My sweet girls. My heart is so full.


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