1 month! 

Well that certainly flew by. Eleanor is such a great baby, which has made this first month pass unreasonably fast. She is a great eater, is starting to look around at what is happening around her, and loves to be cuddled and worn. My personal favorite personality trait is that this girl knows her mama. She has been known to be “just fine” until I come into view and then she immediately starts crying for me. She sure does know how to keep me feeling the love 🙂 We had her 1 month check up today and she has moved on up to 10 lbs, 6 oz (+1 from birth weight) and is in the 80% percentile for both height and weight. She does follow suit with her sister’s tiny noggin at the 20th percentile.

Brooklyn…my sweet Brooklyn. She gets sweeter and feistier each day. Clint was gone 2 weekends in a row for bachelor parties (poor guy) so that left mommy to be both mama and daddy disciplinarian. We had help from both my sister (first weekend) and mom (second weekend), and it was STILL hard. I honestly do not know what I would have done if it was just me. I have a new respect for single moms, for sure.

We hit up City Barbeque on Friday for their soft opening (yay for free food!) and it was delicious! Brooklyn can be a tough critic when it comes to anything not Chicfila or sugar bombed, and she was loving every bite.

We also tried to fill our time with some outdoor play and took a nice walk down to Menchie’s for an afternoon FroYo treat. Brooklyn decided to work off her splurge by running part of the way home.

We have done a LOT of celebrating this week. Between both Theo and Jackson’s birthday parties, a friend from school, and Natalie’s bridal shower, we have been party people! We had to snap a quick picture of Jackson with a celebratory Mile High Pie (Winslow family favorite) to recreate an older pic…now only if I could find the original pic.

It is always a good, crazy time when daddy comes home from work. When settling down for bed, Brooklyn requested to be swaddled like her little sister. Smh.

Even through all the frustration of raising a 2 year old new – potty training – paci loving- new, big sister – I could not love this girl any more. She is growing up too fast (yeah, I know I say that a lot).


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